On a whim I downloaded and fired up the PS3 white room teaser demo for Fairytale Fights a couple of nights ago. The demo is extremely straight forward: you are placed on a white background and then assaulted for a few minutes by progressively difficult waves of enemies. The brawl lasts until you are killed or time runs out.

A cartoon murderess – click to enlarge

Fairytale Fights is a ridiculously violent cartoon brawler that allows you to take control of a storybook hero and butcher everything that stands in your way. The art style is extremely stylized and cutesy, but once the action starts it is also over-the-top violent. In short, it’s perfect!

Mechanically, the game is a twin-stick beat ‘em up. The left stick is used for movement, while the right stick allows you to launch all manner of attacks. The rest of the buttons perform useful functions like jump, pick up, dodge, and so on.

Combat is both simple and deep; it is easy to dive right into the action and start pounding the crap out of animated baddies, but if you have an appetite for more depth then you can incorporate the six pages worth of combos shown in the tutorial into your game. On top of the normal brawling are weapons that you can pick up and use, Double Dragon style, until they are knocked out of your hands.

Blood! Click to enlarge

The weapons are where the game really becomes a riot. As much fun as it is to pound someone bloody with your fists, I was literally howling with laughter when I picked up a sword and started hacking cartoon limbs off. I nearly fell out of my chair when I sliced an enemy cleanly in half, and then that bloody half hobbled around the screen for a few seconds before pitching over, dead. And of course who could resist an old school blunderbuss? Blowing a hole through the big bad wolf was almost a necessity! My absolute favorite thing to do in the Fairytale Fights demo, however, was to run through the pools of blood, and watch my little character slide through the mess – you really need to see it to believe it.

As a pick up and play demo, Fairytale Fights is a masterpiece of cartoon gore and hilarity. The action is fast paced, funny, and addictive and the experience has me seriously contemplating buying the game. The only hitch right now is that my wife isn’t so sure that she wants to play co-op with me, and I’d rather play with her than on my own. We’ll see how persuasive I can be.

Official site: link
Demo parameters: White room, time limited brawl
Release date: Now
Cost: $39.99

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