Avatar Creations, developer of the upcoming sci-fi MMO Perpetuum, sent me and a boatload of other bloggers a lucky few MMO bloggers a “press pass” for their new game: Hi, Andrew! We at Avatar Creations have found our way over to Systemic Babble. In recognition of your readership, we would like to invite you to check out our recently launched science fiction sandbox MMO, Perpetuum. We’re letting a few select members of the MMO community have free early access memberships, and we would like to offer you the chance to come and check out the game with the first of [... read the rest ...]

No, I will NOT buy a smartphone

My coworkers all think I’m nuts.  I work in high tech, and at least once a week one of my co-workers asks me when I’m going to get a smartphone (usually an iPhone) and then proceeds to act incredulous when I inform them that I have no intention of ever buying one.  Once a week is a low estimate too, usually it happens more than once. ‘I don’t want one‘, I state when confronted with my lack of a proper mobile device, or sometimes,  ‘I don’t need one‘.  That’s never good enough for these technology addicts, who proclaim ‘once you [... read the rest ...]

I am more than a little sick of companies and their “binding” Terms of Use documents that consumers are forced to “agree” to prior to using things that they have spent their money on. Software companies are the most egregious offenders, inundating consumers with lengthy text boxes filled with legalese gibberish that they know a tiny minority of users will ever read. People are so used to “agreeing” to terms, that they treat Terms of Use agreements like they do email spam: crap to click past to get to the real content. For a particularly galling example, consider Hotmail’s Terms [... read the rest ...]

Three point five for fifteen

My biggest pet peeve when reading video game blogs or listening to gaming podcasts is when someone expresses a firm opinion based on a negligible amount of play time.  I get particularly irate when the commentator is passionate in their belief, and slags/praises a title with nerdlike glee despite their obvious ignorance.  The problem is only amplified when the blog/podcast is a group effort, and the majority of the contributers do take pains to ensure that they are informed. Now, far be it for me to tell someone how to produce their free content – I’ll be the first to [... read the rest ...]

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