Longtime readers of my various blogs (from Bound by Gravity, to Of Teeth and Claws, to this current venture) are probably used to me dropping off the face of the Internet for months at a time, often with no warning – however I still wanted to poke my head in to let you know that I’m still here, although silent for the time being. This current blogging drought was brought on by a busy period at work:  these past two months have been the culmination of two years of work, and just last week we finally shipped the product that [... read the rest ...]

With the holiday season in full swing, gaming news and notable releases seem to have dried right up.  The most interesting (and depressing) thing that I’ve seen all week is a slew of bad reviews for the much-anticipated Epic Mickey.  I’d still like to play the game, but my enthusiasm for the title has been severely tempered by all of the criticism. In lieu of something on topic (if such a thing exists for this blog), I present you with a random smattering of recent headlines: Top ten questions in science The Guardian solicited a myriad of scientists across a [... read the rest ...]

Nov 222010

With the recent roll out of Steam’s Personalized Recommendations system, I’m interested in expanding my friends list.  In addition to writing post mortems about games I enjoy, I plan on writing up some targeted information for Steam, just because it looks like fun.  I’d also love to get some of your own recommendations whenever I’m shopping for a new title. If you’d like to friend me on Steam, my profile can be found here: Steam Profile While you’re at it, if you own a PlayStation 3, feel free to add me there as well:  EvolvedTurnip is my profile. I also [... read the rest ...]

Just a quick note to readers who might like to read blogs on their mobile devices:  I took some time and installed the WordPress Mobile Pack late last week, so the site should be a heck of a lot more phone-friendly now. Many thanks go to frequent commenter Derrick for the help in getting everything up and running, and having patience while I ironed out the bugs.

Every few months I like to take a look at my active blog reading/podcast listening lists, see how they have evolved, and update my links to match.  I have pruned a number of sites that I no longer frequent on a daily basis, and have added some new gems that you might enjoy.  Here are the latest additions: Gaming blogs A Green Mushroom – I discovered Void’s site after Professor Beej mentioned him on Twitter a few months back, and have enjoyed his frequent articles ever since.   The site is devoted to all types of gaming, and you can always [... read the rest ...]

Bloggers will get a kick out of Scott Hanselman’s latest piece, which looks at writing from a unique angle: Let break it down. I’m 36 and change. I’ll live to be 80, let’s say, and I can type 100 words a minute (but 50 of that is errors and the backspace key) so let’s say 50WPM. If I type for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, for the next 44 years, that means there are 198M keystrokes left in my hands. Max. Period. And that’s generous; it’s likely 10% of that. 5.1CPW * 50WPM [... read the rest ...]

Welcome to the grand opening of Systemic Babble. Structured chaos, just like my mind. While I had a blast with Of Teeth and Claws, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was tethered to writing about video games all the time.  Like most of you, gaming is only one part of my life – I have a wide set of interests and I want to be able to express my opinions on a myriad of topics without having to worry about turning off an audience that is primarily reading the site for video game news and opinion.  So a change [... read the rest ...]

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