About a month ago I stumbled over a mention of Duck Duck Go, a relatively new search engine with a bizarre name.  Intrigued, I gave it a try and immediately fell in love with the slick interface and, more importantly, the virtualized search results that allow you to endlessly scroll through pages of results without ever having to click a button to change pages. The further I dug into the site, the more I found to like about it.  For example, Duck Duck Go has a huge set of options to personalize your search experience – widescreen is particularly nice, [... read the rest ...]

I have four quick stories to share today. What happened to downtime? A few weeks ago I spent a significant amount of time standing on my digital porch and yelling at all of you smartphone wielding kids to get the hell off of my digital lawn.  Among my arguments was the assertion that smartphones encourage obsessive use, which in turn leads to elimination of quiet time and introspection.  It turns out that I’m not alone in worrying about the negative implications of this trend: The need to be connected is, in fact, very basic in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the [... read the rest ...]

No, I will NOT buy a smartphone

My coworkers all think I’m nuts.  I work in high tech, and at least once a week one of my co-workers asks me when I’m going to get a smartphone (usually an iPhone) and then proceeds to act incredulous when I inform them that I have no intention of ever buying one.  Once a week is a low estimate too, usually it happens more than once. ‘I don’t want one‘, I state when confronted with my lack of a proper mobile device, or sometimes,  ‘I don’t need one‘.  That’s never good enough for these technology addicts, who proclaim ‘once you [... read the rest ...]

Getting to know you - other hobbies?

If you are reading this blog then the chances are excellent that you have more than a passing interest in video games. That’s well and good, and serves as common ground for a conversation, but sometimes it becomes a little too easy to see a blogger or guest as a one dimensional creature, driven by gaming and not much else. That conception, however, is far from the truth in most cases. So, a question for you: Do you have a hobby that trumps video gaming? Is there an activity that you engage in that makes you set everything aside, including [... read the rest ...]

Exergaming (of a sort)

As a computer programmer and a video gamer I am a demographic that has a high risk of living a sedentary life and falling into the obesity trap. In fact, I’ve been there before: up until six years ago I was clinically obese. It took my scale ticking above 220 pounds (I’m 5’9) for me to realize that something was seriously wrong, and to find the will power to turn my health around. A year and a half later I had wrestled my weight down to a much more reasonable 160 pounds, and have remained in that ballpark ever since [... read the rest ...]

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