Over this past long weekend my wife and I went camping at Algonquin Park, our favorite natural getaway.  On the Saturday we packed a lunch, lots of water, and trail snacks and headed to Centennial Ridges Trail, which was one of the only hikes at the park that we had yet to try.  The trail is a 10.6km loop, with a recommended minimum time of six hours.  Along the way you climb up to the top of five different ridges and visit five distinct lakes.

Right from the start, Centennial Ridges lets you know that it means business; the path is laced with rocks and tree roots, is uneven much of the time, and is full of steep climbs up and down.  This is not a nature walk for the uninitiated and you have to be in decent shape to tackle it.  The first weekend of September was an ideal time to take the hike since the weather was relatively cool and overcast and the bugs were mostly absent.

Below are some pictures from our walk.  Click any of them to see a hi res version.

A splash of red in the midst of green

Wong Tse and I admiring the view

A hilltop lake

Lake beneath a ridge

Beaver lodge

A pine tree barely tops this ridge

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4 Responses to “Centennial Ridges Trail”

  1. Great zone and great use of nature 1.0 technology. :)

  2. I just JUST got home from an 8 mile hike at a lake near me, should be uploading photos soon, after I take a shower and get some much needed medical attention followed by sleep

    THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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