Every few months I like to take a look at my active blog reading/podcast listening lists, see how they have evolved, and update my links to match.  I have pruned a number of sites that I no longer frequent on a daily basis, and have added some new gems that you might enjoy.  Here are the latest additions:

Gaming blogs

A Green Mushroom – I discovered Void’s site after Professor Beej mentioned him on Twitter a few months back, and have enjoyed his frequent articles ever since.   The site is devoted to all types of gaming, and you can always expect some thoughtful analysis and insight when his feed updates.

Hardcore Gaming 101 – An eclectic group blog that primarily deals with Japanese games (or games heavily influenced by the Japanese gaming aesthetic) in an extremely thorough fashion.

Psychology of Video Games -The title of this blog pretty much sums the topic matter up.  If you’ve ever wanted analysis of the RealID fiasco or achievements in game demos or video game pricing schemes from a psychological angle then look no further.

General blogs

Hyperbole and a Half – There is no way that I can describe this site and convey it’s true majesty; you simply need to visit it.  The articles explore mundane topics through terrible (yet brilliant) drawings and acerbic banter.  It’s hilarious, informative, and addictive.

Sunmurma – A fellow gamer who has expanded his blogging horizons and now writes about an eclectic range of topics from video games to music.  Russ has a great little site going, and is worth your time to bookmark.

Bow.  James Bow. – James has been blogging forever.  He was going strong back when I was writing my political blog (Bound by Gravity) and has kept the pace ever since.   His topics range from Canadian politics, to television & movies, to the children’s novels that he authors.  Always insightful, and always one of the voices of reason in the Canadian political blog community.

The Big Picture – A photography blog run by The Boston Globe.  A few times a week the site updates with a new feature on a current event.  The photographs are often extremely powerful, and help you understand a story more powerfully than is possible with mere words.


The Game Informer Show -I usually avoid corporate podcasts, but Game Informer delivers an extremely well put together weekly show than is (usually) broken down into three or four easily digestible segments.  While many games journalists are beholden to the big development studios, I never get the sense that these guys are pulling any punches.

Gameburst – Clocking in at 30 minutes every show, Gameburst is the perfect size for most commutes.   The podcast publishes two episodes a week (Thursday and Sunday), one of which focuses on gaming news while the other is a round table.  Gameburst is the best new video games podcast to be released in quite some time.

Common Sense -Dan Carlin’s political podcast, which runs under the tagline “If Dan hasn’t pissed you off yet, don’t worry – he will”.  A brutally honest look at politics from a libertarian point of view, Carlin is a absolute genius when it comes to breaking down tough issues, and coming to rational conclusions.

60-second Science -Produced by Scientific America, this podcast is updated each weekday and delivers a compact blast of science news on a single topic.  The minute spent listening to this ‘cast is often the most interesting minute I have all day.

.NET Rocks – An essential resource for Microsoft .NET developers, I learn about a myriad of useful tools and libraries listening to this show.

Bands Under the Radar – An infrequently-released music podcast that focuses on the indie scene.  Whenever a new show surfaces I know that I have two hours of great tunes to listen to, and I’m sure to discover great new artists along the way.

6 Responses to “New additions”

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for this update.

    I am just getting into podcasts (I know, I’m SO several years behind!), so I’ve been occasionally picking one from your list and checking it out. It’s nice to have even more to choose from. :)

    Also, thanks for the link! I am extremely honored to included, and I appreciate it very much!

    PS – I love when I type out a comment and then discover three hours later that I forgot to hit the Submit button…

  2. Void says:

    Thanks for including me in your blogs list! That’s awesome. I really appreciate it.

    I’m checking out the other links in your post too, they are all interesting. I’ll dive into the deeper later today.

  3. Andrew says:

    No problem, guys. Thanks for maintaining excellent blogs.

  4. Ampzilla says:

    Hyperbole and a Half!

    I recently stumbled across this blog from a friend on Facebook, and I love it! Such a great sense of humor and knack for story telling.

    Also maybe one day my blog will be good enough for you Andrew, eh? (kidding, wow blogs aren’t your thing anymore for obvious reasons)


    • Andrew says:

      Mix in other topics with the WoW and I’d be all over your site. ;)

      I don’t read many (any?) single game blogs any more…. not because I don’t think the authors aren’t great, but simply because my interests lie elsewhere usually.

      Anyways – Hyperbole and a Half always makes me laugh out loud – her latest effort (“Is my dog retarded”) was just classic.

      • Ampzilla says:

        My all time favorite is: Sneaky Hate Spiral. The diagram of hate entering your body and “Hey asshole! You think your’re better than me? Are you also better than fire?” had me almost hysterical.

        But each one is thoroughly entertaining.

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