It wasn’t all that long ago that Canada could wage war with the best of them. Despite our small population we still managed to deploy tens of thousands of troops as recently as fifty years ago (Korean War). The public school system doesn’t really focus on our military tradition these days – I certainly was oblivious to it for much of my life. Here are some Canadian deployment figures, just in case you’ve never seen them before.

Boer War World War I World War II Korean War Gulf War
Deployment 7,369 628,736 1,081,865 26,791 4,074
Died 224 66,573 44,927 516 0
Wounded ? 138,166 53,145 1,558 0
POW ? 2,818 8,271 33 0
Naval Casualties 0 175 1,146 0 0

Canada’s armed forced are now considered “stretched too thin” when we deploy 3,000 servicemen and women to global trouble spots to aid our allies – consider what we have lost.

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