One of the interesting bits I came across while filing and preserving things from my family’s past was a hymn written by a relative, Reverend Fred W. Craik. Rev. Craik was a minister at St. James’ United Church in Peterborough, Ontario.

Come gracious Lord the soul to greet
While in Thy House Thy children meet;
Come to my heart with peace and grace;
While here we seek to see Thy face.

Inspire my heart to sing Thy praise;
Let true devotion fill my days;
Give me to know Thy presence near,
And through Thy love cast out all fear.

May this my gift to Thee be brought,
A gift of heart and holy thought:
Lead me each day, my Lord and friend;
Uphold and keep me to the end.

Help me to work for Thee, O Lord,
Deriving strength from Thy pure word
Until Thy blessed face I see,
And find my joy in Heaven with Thee.

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