Battlestar Galactica: Lessons in Paranoia

This past Saturday I got together with four friends to enjoy “Andrew’s Third Annual Bachelor Party” – an excuse to get together for a day long orgy of junk food and board games, while temporarily escaping wives and children.  In attendance were myself, Bill, Brian, Dave, and Metin.  While we have played some crunchy strategy games in the past, after hearing the Gamers With Jobs podcast flog the Battlestar Galactica board game we decided to pick up a copy and give it a whirl. Battlestar Galactia – which (thankfully) requires no knowledge of the television series to play – is [... read the rest ...]

I miss 40k

I was introduced to Warhammer 40k during my first year of university when I befriended the guy in the room next to me (Dave; later to become a housemate and then a cousin by marriage) who was an avid table top geek.  He had a couple of armies, Tyranids and Blood Angel Space Marines , and so we started playing small skirmishes on the floor of one of our rooms, and then in the study room.  It was about this time that I first met Bill, who was also an active 40k player.  I believe that we met at a [... read the rest ...]

What war games conceal

I have spent the past four days listening to the Ghosts of the Ostfront (1, 2, 3, 4) on Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast.   Not only did the series open my eyes to the scope and ferocity of the engagement between the Soviet Union and Axis Germany on the Eastern front during World War Two, but it also got me thinking about how war gaming eliminates the magnitude of the catastrophe that these horrendous events portray. Axis & Allies I have played war games (not counting Risk) since I was a kid in high school, and many of my favorite [... read the rest ...]

Burning Germany to the ground

As I’d hoped, Bill has posted a battle report for the game of Axis & Allies (revised edition) that we played on Saturday. I played the Allies, while he controlled the Axis powers. Although it was a one-sided affair almost from the start, which is less interesting than a tight game, we still had a fun time with it overall. Time runs out for Germany – click to enlarge Players of the original Axis and Allies will definitely want to check out the later edition. Not only does it add a couple of new unit types (artillery and destroyers), but [... read the rest ...]

Feb 282010
Panzer General

Bill and I had a rare games day yesterday which, as always, started with a ritual gorging on an orgy of food at Denny’s, and then graduated into a game of the new Axis & Allies (which I’m hoping Bill will review on his site) before moving into a few rounds of Panzer General: Allied Assault, a game that I received for my birthday last month. Panzer General is an interesting collaboration between Petroglyph Games and Ubisoft. The World War II strategy title was co-developed for the Xbox 360 (XBLA) and meatspace game market. I only have experience with the [... read the rest ...]

Jan 032010

Pandemic, published by Z-Man Games, is a co-operative board game for between two and five players (2-4 without the “On the Brink” expansion) that challenges you and your friends to stop the global outbreak of four deadly diseases. The game is simple to pick up, contains five different difficulty levels and three play variants, and is extremely tightly tuned. Since receiving the game and its expansion for Christmas I have played three different sessions totaling perhaps eight hours. The total number of games played during that time frame stands somewhere around twelve – a testament to the speedy nature of [... read the rest ...]

Back in 1994 two main things dominated my outlook on life: I hated high school, and I loved Magic: The Gathering. Back then the game was only just breaking into the market, and had not yet reached the level of hype that it would soon enjoy. As an angsty teenager I was obsessed with the game – whatever disposable income that didn’t go towards picking up my weekly comic books and weekend game rentals was plowed into booster pack after booster pack of Magic cards. All of these memories have come flooding back due to the recent release – and [... read the rest ...]

Twilight Imperium: Two Player Rules Variant

A lifetime of gaming For the past twenty-odd years of my life, strategy games have been one of my core hobbies. It all started with Axis and Allies around the kitchen table with some high school friends and quickly branched off into other games such as Samurai Swords and Blood Bowl. My university years saw a hobby blossom into a full blown obsession as I acquired two separate Warhammer 40k armies (Dark Eldar and Tau), painted them, and played frequent friendly weekend matches and well as the odd local tournament. Once I settled down, bought a house, and ceased to [... read the rest ...]

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