I don’t generally get caught up in the manufactured hype cycles that game publishers love to create, however it’s impossible not to look forward at a new year and not get at least a little bit excited for the upcoming releases.  Here are some of the big names that I have my eye on. Purchase ASAP While I know that I won’t spring for all of these games the day that they are released, I am at least considering them all as full price purchases. Portal 2 – Portal was utterly genius, and I cannot resist the temptation to dig [... read the rest ...]

Of overpriced handhelds, relativity, and an old friend

My week off is coming to an end, and sadly my home reno project will not be done on time, which is a pain because now it will stretch on for weeks instead of just a few more days.  While I started the week playing a bunch of game demos in my down time, I found myself increasingly obsessed with coding my Web Critters project as the days slipped by.  In particular, I found myself puzzled by the simulation’s inability to produce sustainable carnivores….. but more on that soon. While I have nothing substantial to say on any specific topic, [... read the rest ...]

In no particular order I have a few bullet points to discuss today: Nintendo 3DS Despite the compelling devil’s advocate argument against Nintendo’s new 3DS unit presented by Jeremy Parish, I will still be running down to my local gaming store to buy two units – one for myself and one for my wife -  on March 31 2011 (assuming Nintendo hits their planned release date).  Still, Parish’s list of five perceived flaws could cause some gamers to think twice: – 3D doesn’t really add anything to games – The 3D effect doesn’t always work for people with vision problems [... read the rest ...]

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